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‘Shel We’ By Tupua Tigafua – Photographer Pati Solomona Tyrell

Shel We? by Tupua Tigafua
7.30pm Wednesday 12, Thursday 13 & Friday 14 December

“Finesse, superb technical skills, experienced performers…the dance movements and choreography is assured, well-crafted and clever. Tigafua possesses a highly theatrical imagination and a liking for clearly-defined movement that uses the full-bodied energies of the male dancer” – Theatreview 

Award winning choreographer Tupua Tigafua is a highly accomplished dancer and one of the most ingenious storytellers of this generation.  After an illustrious career dancing for some of Aotearoa’s creative elite, Tupua has steadily created his own dance style and is now ready to present the world premiere of his full-length dance show Shel We?.  

Inspired by the works of renowned American writer Shel Silverstein, Shel We? is an enchanting, playfully intriguing and visually stunning show.

Running time: 50 minutes


Origins - Erebuka Tiibin.jpg

‘Au Borau/ My Journey’ by Erebuka Bwauro –  Photographer Roc Torio – Image Ben Emmerson

6pm Thursday 13 & Saturday 15 December

A collection of short works by Wellington’s freshest theatre makers.  Featuring the latest creations by: Frances Leota, Erebuka Bwauro, Sela-Emily Fiu-Poufa and Dylan Fa’atui.  Come and see our local Artists on the rise, sharing epic stories and making their mark on the Aotearoa theatre scene.  

Running time:  75 minutes


Pacific Dance New Zealand

Pacific Dance Choreographic Lab
2pm Friday 14 December

The Pacific Dance Choreographic Laboratory is an intensive lab giving three chosen up-and-coming Pacific choreographers or directors the opportunity to develop a short dance work.   This year we are excited to host the Pacific Dance Choreographic Lab showing for 2018.


‘La’u Gagana’ by Y NOT Collective

La’u Gagana by YINOT Collective
6pm Friday 14 December

“…every member of this  Y|NOT ensemble performs with flair, versatility and a truthful comic sensibility that brings the story home to its heart – and ours” – Theatreview 2018.  As a young man settling in New Zealand, Peni decides that he and his family must identify with the English language that surrounds them.   Lumana’i (Peni’s daughter) now struggles to identify with the language of Peni’s homeland of Samoa.

New Zealand Samoan vs Samoan New Zealand . . . are they not the same?  

Sāmoans have been migrating to New Zealand for many years and the battle with self-identity for many NZ born generations still continues…What makes a Samoan if not their language?  Skillfully weaving together music, movement and innovative theatre La’u Gagana (my language) tells the story of young Samoans navigating their cultural identity in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

This all star cast features Talia-Rae Mavaega, Mana Tatafu, Albany Peseta, Taniela Lea’aetoa and Jake Arona.

Running time:  50 minutes


‘Kupega Affect’ by Selina and Sale Alefosio – Photographer Barbara Ne’emia – Image courtesy of Pacific Dance New Zealand Choreographic Lab

Kupega Affect by Selina and Sale Alefosio
2pm & 7.30pm Saturday 15 December

“This lively, multi-generational experience is a wonderful answer to narratives about an endangered Tokelauan language. Instead, there seems to be growth, pride, and flourishing” – Theatreview 2017

Whatupaepae: ‘A woman who lives in the family house and who is relied upon to share out the food which is gathered from the family land and any fish caught by her brothers etc. to the rest of the family’ – (Office of Tokelau Affairs, 1986)  This first piece is performed by an all-female cast and pays tribute to the role of Whatupaepae in the Tokelau family and community.

Lavelua is in honour of Selina’s grandfather Isitolo Koloi, a fierce, practical and staunch catholic man who imparted his traditional knowledge to his children.  This work is expressed through an all male cast performing the dances of Tokelau and Wallis and Futuna.

Leo O Tavita is in honour of Sale’s grandfather Tavita Alofa.  It is a celebration of Tokelau heritage arts and a way of empowering the growing generations of Tokelauans born and raised in Aotearoa.  

Selina and Sale have created these works to pay homage to their Tupuna, with a strong focus on promoting youth, families and communities.  

Running time:  60 minutes


Art Exhibition: 11-15 December
Live Auction: Sunday 16 December 7pm

Inspired by the notion that we can learn and be moved by many sources, together with  and the ethos and patronage of the late Associate Professor Teresia Teaiwa; the Our context, our imagining Oceania exhibition showcases donated art works in Teresia’s honour; and brings together works from Māori, Pacific and New Zealand artists.

Our context, our imagining Oceania has been organised by the Victoria University of Wellington Pacific Studies Alumni and the Teresia Teaiwa Scholarship Fundraising Committee in partnership with the Measina Festival.

ALL proceeds will go towards the Teresia Teaiwa Scholarship Fund.

Entry to the exhibition is free

If you would like to support this project by donating Art work for the exhibition and auction please contact Alexa Masina :  0211276376 or email alumnipasi@gmail.com