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Watercress Tuna and The Children of Champion Street 

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This year we are excited to announce that Le Moana will be presenting “Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street” By Patricia Grace and Robyn Kahukiwa.  Featuring the amazing students from Cannons Creek school and Porirua singing sensations Le ART. 

For two nights only, witness this iconic Kiwi childrens’ book brought to life by New Zealands most talented young artists.  Featuring choreography by Tehau Winitana, Oriwa Mitchell and Sophia Uele and Directed by Tupe Lualua.

Friday 8th & Saturday 9th December 6.15pm 

MIXTAPE by Joash Fahitua and Perri Exeter 

One of Auckland’s most successful, emerging dance companies – Trip The Light Dance Collective will be presenting their latest work ‘Mixtape’.

‘Mixtape’ is a dynamic series of 6 original contemporary works from choreographers Perri Exeter and Joash Fahitua.  inspired by the stories and different experiences in their youth, culture, communities and forever changing environments, ‘Mixtape’ is an absolute must see and highlight of the Measina Festival 2017.  

“GRACE AND PROWESS STAND OUT” – Theatreview 2017

“Our ever-arching physical nature determines our daily ways of being and social diversity, and from Trip the Light Dance Collective’s first gesture there was an immediate embodiment of what is achieved through a sustained mastery of physicality and an integrated understanding of identity” – Hawkes Bay Arts Festival 2017

Thursday 7th December 7.30pm & Friday 8th December 1pm 

TAMA’ITA’I – Female showcase 

For the very first time in MEASINA, we are thrilled to present an all-female choreography showcase by local artists Sophia Uele, Selina Alefosio and Jasmine Leota.TAMAITAI1

Tama’ita’i by Sophia Uele  

Through the personal stories of five teenage girls, TAMAITA’I  explores the journey of finding inner strength during life’s trials and tribulations.  Influenced by their mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunties, these young ladies express the importance of the maternal voice, sisterhood and kinship in helping them pull through some of their toughest times. 





Lavelua by Selina Alefosio

In honour of my Grandpa Isitolo and his Tokelauan and Wallisian heritage, Lavelua (Wallisian for King) is a new development piece exploring  Tokelau and Wallisian song and dance  e.g Hiva Hahaka (traditional Tokelau dance), Tawhoe (paddle dance), Uvea Hiva Eke (Wallisian stick dance) and Whatele (Tokelau action song). Lavelua is my Aotearoa born interpretation of his life and how his value system was expressed and infused into the lives of my kaiga (family). My vision is to express the ‘male persona’ through dance to explore his perspective on fatherhood, duties of a husband, brother, son, and his progression towards earning an Toeaina (elder) status within our community.’ 

JAS2 - Version 3

 Le Mau – Not Stuck by Jasmine Leota

“Le Mau-Not Stuck” Is a Contemporary Siva Samoan theatre piece, inspired by the Mau Movement that was led by Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III in the 1920’s. Accompanied by live musicianship that fuses traditional song with contemporary Pacifica movement. A show of resilience and faith that resonates and ties all cultures together.

For one night only, do not miss out on the opportunity to witness an evolution of Pacific heritage dance.


Thursday 7th December 6.15pm  



For this years all male showcase, we are very proud to introduce the works of two emerging playwrights Charles Masina and Mila Fati.

Color of Love by Charles Masina

Sione is a Samoan man who has met the girl of his dreams. His father is extremely excited about the news of his girlfriend, but is shocked that she is Palagi. When Sione decides to introduce her to his family, we meet a few of his relatives as they express their thoughts and feelings about this new relationship. There is a clash of opinions and cultural expectations as Sione faces an uphill battle to win over his family’s acceptance.

23213023_794612970747345_8099195874521710474_oCoconut by Mila Fati

Story has it, that if you gather the Coconuts at night bad things will happen…
Follow the story of Sāmoan father Keli and his son Mapu, as they carry out their everyday activities trying to navigate between the spiritual and physical worlds associated with Sāmoan superstition. For one night only, experience some fresh perspectives from Wellington’s rising theatre stars.  

Friday 8th December 7.30pm 

For more information contact:  lemoanalimited@gmail.com



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